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Undergraduate and Postgraduate teaching

At the moment Professor Hoyle is offering second year modules on 'Monarchy and succession in sixteenth-century England' and 'Population, economy and society in England, 1450-1750'.

Postgraduate Supervision
Professor Hoyle is interested in hearing from students with interests in any aspect of rural history 1500-2000, including landscape studies, 1500-1800, in economic and social history 1500-1800 and in some areas of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century political history.

Professor Hoyle also acts as Postgraduate Tutor for History and is happy to discuss informally with potential postgraduates the possibility of their moving to Reading.  


Areas of Interest:

Professor Hoyle has research interests in a number of areas, these are reflected in the research grants he has held.

In 2002-3 Professor Hoyle held an award from the ESRC to investigate tenurial cases in the court of Chancery: this is now maturing into a book, Landlords and tenants in Tawney's century: tenurial change in England, 1540-1640.    In 2004-6 he won a British Academy Research Fellow to begin the writing of the Oxford Economic and Social History of Britain and Ireland, 1500 - 1750, a volume which will sit between those already published by Richard Britnell (Oxford University Press)  and Martin Daunton (Oxford University Press) .  

In 1999 he received a major award from the then Arts and Humanities Research Board to continue the  Calendar of Patent Rolls Elizabeth which has its own web page. In 2005 the Arts and Humanities Research Council made a further award to continue this editorial work for a further four years. 

Research groups / Centres:

Research Statement

Professor Hoyle is one of the leading economic and social historians of early modern England, notably of rural society, but he is also respected for the contribution he has made to Tudor political history, notably to the history of the 1520s and 1530s, for his work on popular politics, on taxation and public finance, and the history of the North of England. He plans further research in all of these areas. He has also written on the rural history of England in the modern period, notably on the history of field sports after 1850.  Other current projects include studies of the 1622-3 famine in Lancashire, the development of markets in the Pennines, 1500-1750, and petitioning in the early seventeenth century.

Professor Hoyle held a British Academy Research Readership in 2004-2006.  In 2006 he was elected Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences.    Professor Hoyle is also senior Editor of Agriculture History Review and President of the List and Index Society.

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(editor and contributor), The Estates of the English Crown, 1558-1640 (1992).

Tudor Taxation Returns: a guide for users (1994)

(edited with John Broad) Bernwood, the life and afterlife of a forest (University of Central Lancashire, Harris Papers, 2, 1997)

The Pilgrimage of Grace and the politics of the 1530s (OUP, 2001, pb, 2003).

[With H . R. T. Summerson], A handlist of Star Chamber pleadings for northern England before 1558 (xvi + 120pp. List and Index Society 299, 2004 for 2003)

(ed.), Landscape, people and alternative agriculture: essays celebrating Joan Thirsk at Eighty (Agricultural History Review, Supp. III, 2004).

The character of English rural society: Earls Colne, 1550-1750 [with Dr H. French, University of Exeter], (Manchester UP, 2007).

(ed.), Our hunting fathers: field sports in England, c.1850-1970 (Carnegie Publishing, 2007)

Editions include:

'Letters of the Cliffords, Lords Clifford and Earls of Cumberland, c.1496-1550', Camden Miscellany XXXI, (Camden fourth Ser. 44 (1992), pp. 1-189).

[With D Tankard], Heard before the King: registers of petitions to James I, 1603 -16 (2 vols, List and Index Society Supp. Ser, 38-39, 2006)

Forthcoming editions:

Customs and orders of the lordship of Ravenstonedale, c 1570 -1740 (Surtees Society).

Recent articles include:

'The management of the estates of the Earls of Derby, 1575-1640: some new sources', Northern History 39 (2002), pp. 25-36.

'Petitioning as popular politics in early sixteenth-century England', Historical Research 75 (2002), pp. 365-89.

'A new source for the rising of 1536 in north-west England' [with A. J. L. Winchester], English Historical Rev., 118 (2003), pp. 120-29.

'Woad in the 1580s: alternative agriculture in England and Ireland' in Landscape, people and alternative agriculture: essays celebrating Joan Thirsk at Eighty, (Agricultural History Rev., supp. ser. III, 2004), pp. 56-73.

'English Individualism refuted and reasserted: the case of Earls Colne, Essex, 1550-1750' [with H. French]; Economic History Review, 56 (2003), pp. 595-622.

'Estate management, tenurial change and capitalist farming in sixteenth-century England' in S. Cavaciocchi (ed.), Il mercatao della terra secc. XIII-XVIII (Institutio F. Datini, Prato, 2004), pp. 353-82.

'Agriculture and Rural Society' in N. Jones and R. Tittler (eds), The Blackwell companion to Tudor Britain (2004), pp. 311-29.

'The Royal Progress of 1541, the North of England, and Anglo-Scottish Relations, 1534-42' [with J. Ramsdale], Northern History, 41 (2004), pp. 239-65.

'Redefining copyhold in sixteenth-century England: the case of timber rights', in P. Hoppenbrouwers and B. van Bavel (eds.), Landholding, Land Tenure and Land Markets in north-west Europe, c.1200-1850 (Brepols, 2004), pp. 250-64.

'La disparation du petit fermier anglais; quel fut le rôle des siegneurs et des marchés?, in N. Vivier, Ruralité français et britannique, XIIIe-XXe siècles. Approches comparées (Rennes, 2005), pp. 167-186.

[with C.Spencer], 'The Slaidburn poor pasture: changing configurations of popular politics in the eighteenth-and nineteenth-century village', Social History 31 (2006), 182-205

Forthcoming papers include:

'Famine as agricultural catastrophe: the crisis of 1622-3 in east Lancashire'.

'New markets and fairs in the Yorkshire Dales, 1550-1750'

'The masters of Requests and the small change of Jacobean patronage'

Books in progress include:

The Oxford economic and social history of England, 1500-1750

Landlords and tenants in Tawney's century: tenurial change in England, 1540-1640


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