Producing a research proposal

Some Schools and Departments may require you to write an outline research proposal and submit this with your application if you are aiming to study for a PhD or MPhil.

Here are a few suggestions for what to include:

  • the main research question or questions that you want to address
  • why this is of interest and importance
  • how your thinking builds on any previous work
  • what research methodology or techniques you might need to use
  • what facilities you might require
  • how the research could be successfully undertaken in two or three years (depending on whether you are interested in an MPhil or Phd)

Detailed guidance

For more detailed guidance, please see our guide to Writing a research proposal for a PhD or MPhil application (PDF - 89KB).  

In conjunction with this information, you should talk to the School / Department Director of PGR Studies for more specific advice about writing your research proposal.


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