Researchfish: guidance for doctoral researchers

“Researchfish” is the system that the UK Research Councils use to gather feedback from all Research Council-funded researchers - including doctoral researchers - about the outcomes from their research work. Researchfish logoThese outcomes include:

  • Publications
  • Collaborations
  • Engagement Activities
  • Other Outputs & Knowledge / Future Steps
  • Secondments, Placements and Internships

Do I have to record my outcomes on Researchfish?

If you are funded by a UK Research Council, you will have to use Researchfish at some point, depending on when you enrolled on your PhD:

  • If your PhD registration began in Autumn 2016/January 2017, it does not currently apply to you (but will in the 2017-18 academic year).
  • If you started your PhD before Autumn 2016 (so prior to the 2016/17 academic year), then you must register with Researchfish for the submission period outlined in the section below.

What do I need to do?

In February 2017, you will be sent an email from ResearchFish, asking you to create an account (or to log back into the system if you have already opened an account in a previous year).

You are responsible for providing information about the outcomes from your PhD studentship. You will be invited to enter and submit data to Researchfish every year until three years after your studentship has finished (since many outcomes occur towards or past the end of studentships). You should make sure your contact details are kept up to date for this purpose.

For the 2016-17 data collection, the submission period is from 6 February 2017 to 16 March 2017. You can enter data at any time but you will need to confirm that all of your information is accurate and complete during the annual submission period. Your supervisor should also have access to your studentship details on Researchfish and will be able to help you provide the information. Additional supervisors can be added to your studentship details as ‘team members’.

If you have any problems logging on, or have any questions about the awards / data in your profile, please contact the help desk at

What happens if I don't submit on Researchfish?

Providing data about outcomes from your studentship (even if there are no outcomes to report at this stage) is an important part of compliance with Research Council terms and conditions and so it is vital that you register and submit a response, even if it is a blank response (due to lack of outcomes).  


Further detailed guidance (external)


The ResearchFish website contains the answers to Frequently Asked Questions, including:

  • How you can get help using the Researchfish system
  • What you need to report
  • How to start the process of entering data  


There is also detailed guidance available via the weekly webinars, which will offer an opportunity to hear more and ask questions about the Researchfish interfaces, adding outputs, the submission process and reporting.

Email support

Questions pertaining to the Researchfish platform: (external)

Questions specific to the University of Reading: (internal)

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