Tuition fees for new postgraduate research students

Tuition Fees

The standard tuition fees for postgraduate research programmes (PhD, MPhil by Thesis, LLM by Thesis) for students commencing study at Reading (i.e. entering the first year of study) in the session 2017-18 are shown below.

For the standard fees for all Professional Doctorate programmes, please consult the individual course information for your programme.

If you are unsure of the fee for the particular programme you are interested in, please either see the tables linked above or contact the Admissions Office (

Fees for students starting programmes in 2017/18 academic year (August 2017 to July 2018)

UK(Home) and EU Students starting programmes in 2017/18 academic year:

 Full-time, studying at the University  £ 4,195
 Full-time, studying by distance*  £ 2,098
 Part-time, studying at the University  £ 2,098
 Part-time, studying by distance*  £ 1,049
 Visiting Research Student (Ad hoc)  £ 2,098***


Overseas fee-paying students starting programmes in 2017/18 academic year:
  Band 2**** Band1****

Full-time, studying at the University


£18,860 £15,680

Full-time, studying by distance*

£9,430 £7,840

Part-time, studying at the University

£9,430 £7,840

Part-time, studying by distance*

£4,715 £3,920
Visiting Research Student (Ad hoc) *** £9,430 *** £7,840 ***


* PhD by Distance usually applies to students who are primarily working away from the University in approved institutions where research facilities are available, while pursuing research towards a higher degree with the supervision of both the University of Reading and the other institution.

** Please note that 'Fixed for 3 years' means that, if starting in the academic year 2017/18, the fee listed above will apply in each year of study. Students starting in 2018/19 will be subject to a different fee.

***Please note that the Visiting Research Student / Ad-hoc fees quoted are for a period of 12 months study.  For shorter periods the fee will be pro-rata in relation to the number of months the student is present at the University.

****Band 1 subjects are generally all non-laboratory courses, whereas Band 2 subjects are generally courses involving significant laboratory study or workshop content. The Admissions Office ( can advise on the applicable fee for your particular course.

Research expenses

For some research programmes, particularly in the science areas, a Research Expenses Fee is charged to cover the additional costs incurred for additional facilities and consumables. In any such cases, the required fee, normally charged on an annual basis, will be quoted with the Offer of Admission letter.

Payment of fees

Fees are payable in two instalments. Arrangements can be made to pay your fees in advance for the whole of your programme at the rate quoted for the first year, if you wish.

University of Reading Alumni Discounts

If you are currently studying at Reading for your Undergraduate or Master's degree OR are an alumnus of the University, you may be eligible for an Alumni Discount on tuition fees for your doctoral study. Find out more on the Alumni and Supporters page.

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