Examinations for research degrees

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PhD, MPhil or LLM

If you are studying for a PhD, MPhil, or LLM, it is important that you read the following document for information about the rules and process for submitting your thesis:

Rules for the Submission of Theses (PDF - 64 Kb)

At least four months before you plan to submit your thesis, you should please notify us of your intention by completing and returning the form below:

Intention to Submit Thesis form (Word - 808 Kb)

Candidates are entitled to submit their thesis, without exceptional permission, eight weeks prior to the end of their minimum registration period.

If you wish to submit your thesis earlier than this, you need to complete a Request for Early Submission of Thesis for Research Degree form for approval by the Dean of Postgraduate Research Studies.

Further information relating to the examination process - written for the use of examiners - is available, for information, below:

Guide for Examiners of Higher Degrees by Research (PDF - 61 Kb)

Guide for Examiners of PhD by Published Works (PDF - 217 kb)

Review of Examination Results for Higher Degrees by Thesis


Electronic deposition of theses

For information on the electronic deposition of your final thesis, please see the separate guidance linked below:

Electronic deposition of doctoral theses

Confirmation statements

Statements confirming the award of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, Master of Philosophy by Thesis, and LLM by Thesis can be obtained from the Doctoral Research Office in the Graduate School after the candidate's award has been ratified by the Senate.

For all queries relating to  research degree examination, please contact:

Sean Semple (Doctoral Examinations Officer)


(0) 118 378 4163

Professional Doctorates

If you are undertaking a Professional Doctorate Programme, the 'Rules for the Submission of Theses' and the 'Intention to Submit Thesis form' provided above are also applicable to you.  However, there is a different version of the 'guide for examiners' specific to your degree, which  again is provided for information:

Thesis preparation

University template front cover for theses

Whilst it is not mandatory, the University prefers students to use its standard coversheet for their thesis. The template below incorporates the University's logo (or device) and is available to edit in word format.

University of Reading thesis cover template (Word Format)

Thesis Binding services

The University of Reading Library has teamed up with experienced university binders, Hollingworth & Moss Ltd, to offer an online service for the binding of theses and dissertations. Further information can be found via the library website.

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