Learning to work in and with other cultures

About the course:

In addition to intellectual stimulation, one of the great assets of belonging to the Graduate School is the joy of working with and learning from fellow researchers from around the world. However this joy can sometimes be tested when we encounter behaviour that runs counter to what we believe to be appropriate/right/moral. We have an emotional reaction to such behaviour which can overtake a more reasoned response.

This session will seek to alleviate such feelings by examining cultural artefacts, rules and regulations in the light of the underlying beliefs and values. By looking below the surface, we can begin to understand another's intentions.

This will be of great benefit because research and knowledge know no national boundaries and the development of further research will involve us all in working in different countries or with people from different countries.

This session will be run as a workshop and participants will be asked to share their knowledge of the topics under discussion in a friendly, curious and supportive atmosphere. 

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