Travel funding schemes for PhD Students

Graduate School Travel Support Scheme

About the scheme

The Graduate School Travel Support Scheme has been set up to enable eligible doctoral researchers to apply for funding to support travel on a research visit or to present at a conference; it does not include conference registration or accommodation. This funding is allocated at three points in the year, with all cases being considered by the Dean and Graduate School senior staff. Successful applicants will receive an award of up to £200 towards their travel. Applicants should be aware that the Graduate School has a limited budget of £4,000 to award per year.

Eligibility – who can apply?

Priority is given to full time students in their second or third year and part time students in their third, fourth or fifth year at the time of the conference/research visit who are studying for a doctorate. Travel Support awards will only be made to students in other years on an exceptional basis, where a strong case is made. Students can only receive one award during their doctoral programme. Retrospective applications will not be considered. Please do not apply if the conference/research visit has already taken place or will take place before the application deadline.

To submit an application, students must have the support of their supervisor and must include confirmation with the application that the School will make a financial contribution of up to £100.

How to make an application

  • Applicants should submit to the Graduate School a short case (150 words max) of how the conference/visit will contribute to their research. They should use the application form provided.
  • The student’s supervisor must write a supporting statement and confirm that the School has agreed to provide 50% of the funding requested, up to a maximum of £100.  The Graduate School will contribute funding up to a maximum of £200. An RRDP Certificate of Attendance should be included with the application form.

Please note:

  • We will not consider retrospective funding applications for conferences/research visits that have already taken place or will take place before the Travel Support Scheme application deadline.

  Graduate School Travel Support Scheme - Application Form 

What are the deadlines for applications?

The Graduate School invites applications at three points in the year, as below:

 Call for applications  Deadline
 October  1 December
 January  1 March
 April  1 June

 Conditions of award

A short report, preferably with photographs, must be provided within 6 weeks following the conference/research visit, using the form provided by the Graduate School. Funding will be provided either on provision of receipts or evidence of advance booking.

Graduate School Travel Support Scheme - Report Form

Further information

Awards made from the Graduate School Travel Support Scheme are funded by contributions from several sources, including generous support from the prize fund of the Clifford Norton Award.  

University Research Travel Grants

The University's Research Travel Grant Sub-Committee makes awards to eligible applicants for funding towards activities such as participation at research conferences and seminars. The Sub-Committee meets once a term but is able to consider applications on a rolling basis.  

Full information can be found on the web page for the Research Travel Grant Sub-Committee; you will need to input your University username and password to access this page.

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