Staff Profile:Dr John F. Carson

  • Research project into Pre-European land use and environmental impacts in Amazonia
  • Co-supervision of tropical palaeoecology doctoral and dissertation students
  • Maintaining the SAGES tropical palaeoecology laboratory
Areas of Interest:
  • Holocene vegetation and climate in the Neotropics (particularly Bolivia and Brazil)
  • Pre-European human-environment interactions in Amazonia
  • The chronology and land-use practices of pre-European societies in Amazonia
  • Development of palaeoecological techniques (especially pollen and other micro fossils)
Research groups / Centres:

Key Facts:

John's research interest lies in investigating both human influences on the environment and natural past environmental change over the Holocene period (past ~10,000 years), especially in the Amazonian Neotropics. There is growing evidence for a long history of pre-European (pre-AD 1492) human occupation in Amazonia, by populous societies whose lifestyles were settled. As such, a more complex story of the development of Amazonian ecosystems over the Holocene, which involved the interaction between climate, vegetation and human land use, is emerging. John's approach is a palaeoecological one (past - ecology), which uses biological proxies to reconstruct how environments have changed over time.

He also applies palaeoecological data to help answer archaeological questions about pre-European Amazonian societies. Fundamental questions remain regarding these societies in many regions. How large were their populations? How did they manage the landscape? What is the chronology (timescale) of their occupations? What was their subsistence strategy/what crops did they grow?

John received his undergraduate degree in Geology and Archaeology (BSc) from the University of Birmingham in 2008, completed a Masters in Environmental Monitoring, Modelling and Reconstruction (MSc) at the University of Manchester in 2010, and in 2014, gained his PhD in Tropical Palaeoecology at the School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh.

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