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Dr Tom Sizmur
Job Title:
Associate Professor
  • Deputy Programme Director for MSc Environmental Pollution and MSc Environmental Management

Areas of Interest:
  • Improving soils by applying organic amendments

  • The impact of soil organisms (e.g. earthworms) on their environment

  • Understanding the effect of climate change on soil biogeochemical cycles

  • Remediation of contaminated soil, water, and sediment using biochar

  • Designing novel experimental environments that mimic soils

Research groups / Centres:

Key Facts:

Tom Sizmur joined the department in 2014 as a soil chemist specialising in the interactions between organisms and their environment. Prior to this appointment he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Rothamsted Research (UK), Iowa State University (USA) and Acadia University (Canada) on the following projects:

Improvement of soil structure and crop yield by adding organic matter to soil (Rothamsted)

Using the capabilities of materials chemistry to design environments that mimic soils (ISU)

Mercury and methylmercury bioaccumulation by benthic invertebrates in coastal mudflats (Acadia)

Tom obtained his BSc in Environmental Science of the Earth and Atmosphere from The University of Reading, followed by an MSc in Land Management from Cranfield University. He then returned to The University of Reading to pursue a PhD in Soil Science where he studied the impact of earthworms on metal mobility and availability in contaminated soils.

Further information

For more information on Tom's research, please see his Personal Webpage.

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  • Beesley, L., Moreno-Jimenez, E., Fellet, G., Carrijo, L. and Sizmur, T. (2015) Biochar and heavy metals. In: Lehmann, J. and Joseph, S. (eds.) Biochar for environmental management: science, technology and implementation. 2nd ed. Earthscan, London, pp. 563-594. ISBN 9780415704151








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Previous Publications:

Lind, K.R., Sizmur, T., Benomar, S., Miller, A. and Cademartiri, L. 2014 LEGO® Bricks As Building Blocks For Centimeter-Scale Biological Environments: The Case Of Plants. PLoS One. 9(6), e100867.

Sizmur, T., Lind, K.R., Benomar, S., VanEvery, H. and Cademartiri, L. 2014 A Simple and Versatile 2-Dimensional Platform to Study Plant Germination and Growth under Controlled Humidity. PLoS One. 9(5), e96730.

Sizmur, T., Canário, J., Edmonds, S., Godfrey, A. and O'Driscoll, N.J. 2013 The polychaete worm Nereis diversicolor increases mercury lability and methylation in intertidal mudflats. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. 32(8), 1888-1895. (The featured article in the July 2013 issue of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry)

Sizmur, T., Canário, J., Gerwing, T.G., Mallory, M.L. and O'Driscoll, N.J. 2013 Mercury and methylmercury bioaccumulation by polychaete worms is governed by both feeding ecology and mercury bioavailability in coastal mudflats. Environmental Pollution. 176, 18-25.

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Beesley, L., Moreno-Jimenez, E., Gomez-Eyles, J. Harris, E., Robinson, B. and Sizmur, T. 2011 A review of biochars' potential role in the remediation, revegetation and restoration of contaminated soils. Environmental Pollution. 159, 3269-3282. (This paper was the 4th most downloaded article from Environmental Pollution in 2012)

Sizmur, T., Palumbo-Roe, B. and Hodson, M.E. 2011 Impact of earthworms on trace element solubility in contaminated mine soils amended with green waste compost. Environmental Pollution. 159, 1852-1860.

Sizmur, T., Tilston, E.L., Charnock, J., Palumbo-Roe, B. Watts, M. and Hodson, M.E. 2011 Impacts of epigeic, anecic and endogeic earthworms on metal and metalloid mobility and availability. Journal of Environmental Monitoring.13, 266-273. (Artwork on the cover of the journal issue due to manuscript being "highly rated" by reviewers)

Sizmur, T., Palumbo-Roe, B. Watts, M. and Hodson, M.E. 2011 Impact of the earthworm Lumbricus terrestris (L.) on As, Cu, Pb and Zn mobility and speciation in contaminated soils. Environmental Pollution. 159, 742-748.

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Sizmur, T., Hodson, M.E., 2009. Do earthworms impact metal mobility and availability in soil? - A review. Environmental Pollution. 157, 1981-1989. (This paper was the 2nd most downloaded paper from Environmental Pollution during April-June 2009)

Sizmur, T., Hodson, M.E., 2008. Impact of Eisenia veneta on As, Cu, Pb, and Zn uptake by ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.). Mineralogical Magazine. 72, 495-499.



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