Staff Profile:Dr Geoffrey Griffiths

Dr Geoff Griffiths
Job Title:
Spatial Modeller
  • Undergraduate Admissions Officer
  • Undergraduate Teaching: Career Development Skills; GIS and Mapping; Biogeography and Ecosystems; Human and Physical Geography Fieldclass; Biodiversity and Conservation Field Class
  • Masters Teaching: Urban Ecology, Hydrology & Hazards
Areas of Interest:
  • Landscape and biodiversity
  • GIS and habitat restoration
  • Biodiversity of tropical forests
  • Application of GIS techniques for habitat restoration
  • Development of GIS/remote sensing techniques for predictive vegetation mapping: Brazil, Mediterranean
  • Understanding relationship between landscape character and biodiversity
  • Methods for evaluation of ecological quality
Research groups / Centres:

Human Geography Research Cluster

Key Facts:

Fellow of Royal Geographical Society, Member British Ecological Society, Secretary of International Association for Landscape Ecology (UK)

PhD Opportunity

Geoff is a co-supervisor for an exciting new research opportunity, working on "An analysis of the role of satellite-based information in the management of forests" with the University of Surrey. For further details on the project, please download the Scenario studentship information. To make an enquiry or apply, please email Geoff ( or Stephen Morse (

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Earlier Publications

McLure, J.T. and Griffiths, G.H. (2002) Historic landscape reconstruction and visualization, West Oxfordshire. Trans. GIS, 6, 1, 69-78.

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Conference proceedings & book chapters:

Griffiths, G.H. & Wooding, M.G., (1996) Temporal monitoring of soil moisture using ERS-1 SAR data. Hydrological Processes 10, 1127-1138.)

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MA (Cambridge) PhD (Aston)


Geoffrey Griffiths

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+44 (0) 118 378 8737

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