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Environmental Science Research Division

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Alan’s academic background is in Geography and he gained a PhD in Hydrology from the University of Leeds in 1994. He is an Associate Professor in Geography, with an extensive research publication record in hydrology and computational modelling. He is a recipient of an institutional student recognition award for outstanding contributions to teaching and learning. He is an experienced research student supervisor and external examiner. He currently has an active research partnership with Professor Defu Xu, NUIST, China.

Alan is currently School Director of Teaching and Learning in SAGES and is responsible for strategic management of the undergraduate and postgraduate taught programme portfolio and for chairing the School Board for Teaching and Learning. Alan has wide experience in all aspects of course design, development, review and management including previous Programme Director roles for undergraduate, masters and research masters programmes. Alan regularly chairs University periodic review and new programme scrutiny panels and is a member of University committees including Senate.

Alan has been a QAA reviewer since 2012, participating in a variety of methods including Institutional Review, Higher Education Review and Quality Review Visits. He is a trained QAA appeals panellist and scrutiny reviewer for degree awarding powers. Alan’s experience of reviews encompasses alternative providers, specialist providers, universities and further education colleges.

Alan is Don McLean’s biographer. In 2017, Alan was interviewed at length for the BBC 2 documentary series “Classic Albums” featuring Don McLean’s “American Pie” album. The show has currently been broadcast on national television in UK, Belgium, Holland and Germany.

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Earlier Publications

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BSc; PhD (Leeds)


Alan Howard

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