Geographical Papers

The  from 1973 to 2002 is available in PDF format.

The following Geographical Papers are available online in PDF format.

GP196 Evolving Corporate Social Responsibility in China Dongyong Zhang, Stephen Morse and Uma Kambhampati (2013)
GP195 GM crops 1996 to 2012: A review of agronomic, environmental and socio-economic impacts (PDF 337KB) A M Mannion and Stephen Morse (2013)
GP194 Content, process and power: towards an analytical framework for public policy and institutional change in less developed countries (PDF 549KB) James Haselip (2010)
GP193 Disability and Inclusive Access to the Built Environment (PDF 626KB) Brian Goodall (2010)
GP192 Mapping and Assessment of Permanent Preservation Areas in Amazonia (PDF 898KB) Silvia Shizue Leonardi, Ioannis N. Vogiatzakis and Dr Geoffrey Griffiths (2010)
GP191 Power and Partnership: Social Pathology or Social Health? (PDF 1041KB) Stephen Morse and Nora McNamara (2010)
GP190  The Lost Amerindian Girls, the Tooth Fairy and the Whore of Babylon (PDF 573KB) Linda Peake (2010)
GP189 Sustainable Livelihood Approach: A critical analysis of theory and practice. (PDF 800KB) Stephen Morse, Nora McNamara and Moses Acholo (2009)
GP188 The Geography of the Private Finance Initiative (PDF 552KB)  Steve Musson (2009)
GP187 Transnationalism and the Second-Generation Caribbean Community in Britain (PDF 606KB) Ellen Quirke,  and Dennis Conway (2009)
GP186 Socio-Economic Variations in Water Consumption, Household Management Strategies (PDF 913KB)

Khadija Darmame and  (2009)

GP185 Jordan’s Water Resources: Challenges for the Future (PDF 573KB) Stephen Nortcliff, Gemma Carr, , Khadija Darmame (2008)
GP184 Genetically Modified Cotton and Sustainability (PDF 514 KB) A.M. Mannion and Stephen Morse (2008)
GP183 Island Landscape Dynamics: Examples from the Mediterranean (PDF-681 KB) A.M. Mannion, I.N. Vogiatzakis (2007) Read the book
GP182 An Introduction to the Urban Geography of Amman, Jordan (PDF-1074 KB) , Khadija Darmame, Nasim Barham, Stephen Nortcliff(2007)
GP181 Tackling Isolation in Rural Mongolia Use of Information Comms (PDF-657 KB) Oyuntuya Shagdarsuren (2007)
GP180 Araucaria angustifolia - its Geography and Ecology (PDF-502kb) J.V.M. Bittencourt (2007)
GP179 The Case of Bajan-Brits and their Friendships on Return to Barbados (PDF-139 KB) Joan Phillips and
GP178 Professionals Relocating Zimbabwean Nurses Negotiating Work (PDF-374 KB) JoAnn McGregor (2006)
GP177 Promoting Sustainability: Partnerships in the Catholic Church (PDF 1.8 MB) Stephen Morse and Nora McNamara (2005)
GP176 The Politicisation of Carbon Domestication II (PDF-258kb) A.M. Mannion (2005) Read the Book
GP175 The Politicization of Carbon Domestication I (PDF-265 KB) A.M. Mannion (2005) Read the Book
GP174 A Profile of Noida: A New Town in the National Capital Region of India (1.6 MB)  and Ashok Kumar
GP173 Wilderness and National Parks in Canada:Evolving Perceptions & Mgmt (182 KB) John Marsh
GP172 The Channel Tunnel and its impact on tourism in the United Kingdom (396 KB) Soutetsu Sen
GP171 Mapping the distribution of Quercus suber habitats in Sardinia (PDF-3.77 MB) I.N.Vogiatzakis and M.B.Careddu
GP170 GIS-based Modelling and Ecology: A Review of Tools and Methods (PDF-755 KB) Ioannis N. Vogiatzakis
GP169 The Environmental Impact of War & Terrorism (915 KB) A.M. Mannion
GP168 Foreign-Born and Young returning nationals to St Luca (427 KB)
GP167 Social Dynamics of Foreign-Born Returning Nationals to the Caribbean (PDF-254KB) Joan L Phillips and  (2003)
GP166 Foreign-Born' and 'Young' returning nationals to Barbados (PDF-572 KB)



Better mobility with fewer cars: a new transport policy for Europe (PDF-230KB)

Heiner Monheim


Urban Form and Urban Land Use: Some Contrasting Case Studies (PDF-1.7 MB)

A.M. Mannion(2002)


Generating new insights into an old organisation (PDF-600 KB)

David Spencer

GP139 Marine ecotourism: new depths (PDF 1.1MB) Erlet Cater and Carl Cater (1999)
GP129 Tourism and Sustainability in the Yunnan Great Rivers (PDF 1.1MB) Erlet Cater (1999)
GP46 Community involvement in Third World Ecotourism (PDF 627kb) Erlet Cater (1996)
GP3 Sustainable Tourism in the Third World (PDF 1.2MB) Erlet Cater (1991)

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