SHE-Net Members

The table below indicates the proposed network members, their expertise and the current status of their participation in the network. The list of members is not exclusive and others will be encouraged to attend the workshops if it is found they can make a significant contribution.




Stefan Trapp

Modelling plant uptake of organic pollutants

Technical University of Denmark

Dr. Raquel Duarte-Davidson

Health Protection Agency

Public health, risk assessment

Dr, Neil Cape

Plant uptake of VOCs

IEH Edinburgh

Dr. Frank Swartjes

Exposure modelling


Prof. Rob Edwards

Plant metabolism of xenobiotics

Durham University

Dr. Piet Seuntjens

Exposure modelling

VITO, Belgium

Dr. Randy Maddelena

Health Risk Assessment, CALTox model developer

School of Public Health, University of California, Berkley

Dr. Stuart Harrad

POPS Network; public health

University of Birmingham

Prof. Michael McLachlan

POPs analysis and modelling

University of Stockholm

Prof Paolo Mocarelli

Toxicology/epidemiology, notably the impacts of the Seveso in accident

Prof of Laboratory Medicine, University of Milan-Bicocca

Prof Olaf Paepke

Body burden of POPs

Ergo Research Laboratory,Hamburg

Prof. Kevin Jones

Plant uptake of organics.

Plant metabolism.

Lancaster University

Prof Dieter Schrenk

Environmental toxicologist and food chemist

University of Kaiserslautern

Edward Wild

Plant uptake of pollutants

Lancaster University

Anne Verhoef

Soil physics

University Of Reading

Neil Crout

Modelling plant uptake

Nottingham University

Dr Shona Kelly

Health effects of organic pollutants

Nottingham University

David R. Bell

Chemical toxicology

Nottingham University

Prof David Manning

Contaminated land, remediation

Newcastle University

Prof Tony O'Donnell

Contaminated land

Newcastle University

Phil Hartley

Contaminate land team leader

Newcastle City Council

Mike Poremba

Contaminated land team

Gateshead City Council

Janet Charlton

Contaminated land team

Gateshead City Council

Andrew Bent-Marshall

Head contaminated land team

Hounslow Borough Council

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