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Dr Chuks Okereke
Job Title:
Associate Professor
Areas of Interest:

Broadly, the governance of climate change and links with international development and global political economy. Particularly:

  • The governance of climate adaptation and low carbon development in Africa
  • Ethical dimensions of global environmental and climate governance- e.g. the role of equity and justice in environmental regimes
  • The business of climate and environmental governance - e.g. the climate impact of business and corporate strategies for responding to climate change
Research groups / Centres:

Current Projects:

The Governance of Low Carbon development in Africa (Leverhulme Fellowship (Present - until April 2013)

The research has the broad aim of helping to facilitate low-carbon development in Africa which is currently the poorest and most vulnerable continent to climate change. The specific objectives are to enhance understanding of:

  • options available to resource-rich but poorly developed African countries to achieve low-carbon growth by leveraging available public, private, national and international finance;
  • institutional requirements and policies needed to ensure the effective use of clean development finance, thereby enhancing credible and equitable climate policy outcomes;
  • reforms needed at the international regime level to stimulate increased capital flow to Africa and enhance developing countries' access to finance.

Corporate and Institutional Strategies for Climate Change: An International Comparative Study
(Funded by Australian Research Council:$295,000 over three years)

This project aims to inform international climate change policy by conducting a comprehensive analysis of institutional and corporate strategies to tackle climate change. Concentrating on Australia, Germany, the UK and USA, the research seeks to explore the differences in climate change policy and strategies in four significant political jurisdictions. Interviews and case studies of a wide variety of stakeholders, including key personnel from government, large and small business firms, industry associations and non-governmental organisations will be used to identify successful strategies for stakeholder engagement and managing climate change challenges.

Key Facts:

Chuks was appointed Reader in Environment and Development in June 2011. He was previously a Senior Research Fellow and Head of Climate and Development Centre at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, University of Oxford. He continues to be a visiting fellow of the Smith School and Oxford University's Environmental Change Institute (ECI). He is also a fellow and college adviser at the Green-Templeton College Oxford. Before joining Oxford, Chuks was a Senior Research Associate on the Post-2012 International Climate Policy programme at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change, University of East Anglia.

During his time in Oxford, Chuks was the founding Project Director of the Rwandan National Strategy for Climate and Low Carbon Development project funded jointly by the Climate Development and Knowledge Network (CDKN) and DfID Rwanda. He was also the Project Director of many other climate change and adaptation projects including:

  • Climate Change Impact on Health and Response Options for the Pharmaceutical Industry;
  • Opportunities for carbon emission reduction in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Corporate climate strategies and the links with post-2012 climate policy.

Chuks is the moderator of United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) Climate Diplomacy Course and has served as a consultant to DFID, UNDP, the World Bank and a number of African Governments.

He is a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Global Environmental Politics, the official journal of the Environmental Studies Section, International Studies Association (ISA). He is also a member of the Executive Committee, Environmental Studies Sections, ISA, a member of UNEP Principles for Sustainable Insurance (PSI) project and a member of the stakeholder advisory forum, Centre for Carbon Measurement and Governance at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).

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Further Publications

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Dr Chuks Okereke

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