Staff Profile:Kamolphat Atsawawaranunt

  • Work on modelling gross primary productivity using pmodel/SPLASH based on CMIP5/PMIP3 last millenium simulations (850-1850)
  • Database management and construction (SISAL and EMBSeCBIO database)
Areas of Interest:
  • Vegetation modelling
  • Energy balance
  • Plant traits/physiology
  • Large scale modelling
  • Benchmarking of climate-model simulations
  • Biodiversity and conservation
Research groups / Centres:

Environmental Science Research Division

Centre for Past Climate Change

Key Facts:

Kamolphat, also known as A, has a BSc in Natural Sciences (Earth and Environment and Genetics, Evolution and Environment) from University College London (1st, 2014), and an MRes in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation from Imperial College London (1st, 2016). After his BSc, he worked with Hornbills with the Hornbill Research Foundation in Thailand, mainly working on satellite tracking. During his MRes, he worked on global analyses of leaf temperature based on the energy balance equation, using MODIS Land Surface Temperature product and WATCH Forcing Data ERA Interim data. He also worked on phylogenetic reconstruction of orchids using Next Generation shotgun Sequencing at the Australian Tropical Herbarium.



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