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Professor Joanna Clark
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Joanna's main interests are focused on understanding the interactions between water, carbon and other biogeochemical cycles within terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems. She works collaboratively on interdisciplinary projects that include environmental scientists, engineers, agriculture, ecologists, social scientists, economists across research, public, private and third sectors.

  • Drivers of increased dissolved organic carbon (DOC) release from soils to surface water
  • Impacts of hydrological extremes (drought and flooding) on carbon cycling in soils
  • Catchment management to support drinking water provision
  • Resilience of peatland ecosystems to environmental change
  • Carbon cycling in forest soils
  • Co-benefits from ecosystem services delivered from natural flood management
  • Perceptions and understanding of ecosystem services and dis-services

Research Fellows and Assistants

Dr Arnaud Duranel: Loddon Observatory Research Co-Ordinator.

Dr Michelle Felton: CALIBRE, NERC Greenhouse Gas Removal Programme

Joanne Beales: LANDWISE, NERC Evaluating the Effectiveness of Natural Flood Management Programme

Angie Elwin: LANDWISE, NERC Evaluating the Effectiveness of Natural Flood Management Programme

Gerard Stewart: NERC Evaluating the Effectiveness of Natural Flood Management Programme

PhD supervision

Joanna currently supervises the following PhD students:

  • Yoshie Yageta 'Difference of soil knowledge among farmers and its effect for soil management'. Funded by Japan Student Services Organisation (JASSO).
  • Phiala Mehring 'Get your water out of my lounge': Understanding the societal perception of flood risk and the 'ownership' of flooding to facilitate the implementation of integrated catchment based flood risk management. Funded by University of Reading Regional Bursary.
  • Charlotte Hawkins, 'Developing optical methods for catchment management to protect drinking water.' Funded by EPSRC DTC, Affinity Water and Syngenta.
  • Vicky Shannon, 'Exploring the role of deadwood in the forest carbon cycle.' Funded by NERC-CASE with Forest Research/Forestry Commission.
  • Dedy Antony, 'Factors affecting soil carbon storage at depth in different land uses in UK.' Funded by Indonesian Government Scholarship (DIKTI-LPDP).

  • Nerea Ferrando, 'Evaluating the impact of land management on urban trees using Citizen Science'. Funded by University of Reading Studentship, SAGES and Earthwatch Institute.

  • Gabrielle Powell, 'Evaluating the multiple functions of woodlands for natural flood management' (NFM).

Completed students:

  • Michael Bell, (2016) 'The direct and indirect role of climate in regulating litter decomposition processes in blanket peatlands.' Funded by NERC.
  • Oliver Crowley, (2016) 'Can land management mediate functional response of soils to extreme drought events?' Funded by Edith Mary Gayton Trust, University of Reading.
  • Jonny Ritson (2016) 'The impact of climate change on surface water quality and drinking water treatment'. Funded by Grantham Institute for Climate Change, Imperial College London.
  • Maria Luise Fernandez-Romero (2016) 'Effects of management, land use and geographical variables on soil organic carbon in Mediterranean and Temperature climates'. University of Cordoba, Spain.
  • Katarzyna Sawicka (2015) 'Multi-scale investigations of soil water DOC dynamics with respect to long-term trends'. Jointly funded by University of Reading Faculty of Science Studentship, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology and Forest Research.
  • Catharine Pschenyckyj (2018) 'Application of microbial fingerprinting techniques to attribute biological controls on recent changes in carbon cycling in organic soils'. Funded by University of Reading Faculty of Science Studentship and Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.
  • Angie Elwin (2019) 'Enhancing social and ecological magrove resilience in shrimp farming communities'. Funded by ESRC South East DTP.
  • Kirsten Lees (2019) 'Measuring peatland carbon sequestration and emission by remote sensing'. Funded by NERC Scenario DTP and James Hutton Institute.

Joanna is keen to discuss PhD opportunities with students interested in carbon cycling in organic soils, dissolved organic carbon dynamics, floodplain and riparian processes, and modelling climate change impacts on biogeochemical processes.

Current Research Projects

  • LANDWISE: LAND Management in lowland catchments for Integrated flood riSk rEduction, NERC Evaluating the Effectiveness of Natural Flood Management Programme.
  • Adapting to Changing Catchments, TWENTY65, EPSRC
  • Ecosystem Services for Catchment Planning in the Loddon Catchment, NERC Impact Accelerator Account
  • CALIBRE: Co-delivery of food and climate regulation from temperate agroforestry, NERC Greenhouse Gas Removal Programme

  • Earthwatch Sustainability Training Programme, funded by HSBC

Research groups / Centres:

Key Facts:

Joanna joined the department in October 2010. She completed her PhD on dissolved organic carbon dynamics in blanket peat in 2005 at the University of Leeds in collaboration with CEH Merlewood/Lancaster (NERC-CASE). She then worked as a Research Fellow on three projects based at Imperial College, Bangor University and the University of Leeds:

Joanna is currently on the Editorial Board for Scientific Reports. Joanna was a Guest Editor for a special issue of Climate Research on Climate Change and the British Uplands.

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