Staff Profile:Dr Geoffrey Griffiths

Dr Geoff Griffiths
Job Title:
  • Undergraduate Admissions Officer
  • Undergraduate Teaching: Career Development Skills; GIS and Mapping; Biogeography and Ecosystems; Human and Physical Geography Fieldclass; Biodiversity and Conservation Field Class
  • Masters Teaching: Urban Ecology, Hydrology & Hazards
Areas of Interest:
  • Landscape and biodiversity
  • GIS and habitat restoration
  • Biodiversity of tropical forests
  • Application of GIS techniques for habitat restoration
  • Development of GIS/remote sensing techniques for predictive vegetation mapping: Brazil, Mediterranean
  • Understanding relationship between landscape character and biodiversity
  • Methods for evaluation of ecological quality
Research groups / Centres:

Human Environments Research Group

Key Facts:

Fellow of Royal Geographical Society, Member British Ecological Society, Secretary of International Association for Landscape Ecology (UK)

PhD Opportunity

Geoff is a co-supervisor for an exciting new research opportunity, working on "An analysis of the role of satellite-based information in the management of forests" with the University of Surrey. For further details on the project, please download the Scenario studentship information.

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Earlier Publications

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Conference proceedings & book chapters:

Griffiths, G.H. & Wooding, M.G., (1996) Temporal monitoring of soil moisture using ERS-1 SAR data. Hydrological Processes 10, 1127-1138.)

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MA (Cambridge) PhD (Aston)


Geoffrey Griffiths

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+44 (0) 118 378 8737

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