Memory, Materiality and the Archive

Teresa Murjas and are currently working together on a practice-led project that explores one of the country's largest WWII evacuee archives, based at The Museum of English Rural Life (MERL). The project focuses on several objects within the archive, as well as on its characteristics and origins. The research outcomes will include elements of multi-media performance, installation, film and web-based documentary.


Our Other Projects


First World War Ration Biscuits

WWII Ration Biscuits - Installation by Film, Theatre & Television at Reading MuseumThe country's largest biscuit factory Huntley & Palmers, a Quaker enterprise, played a crucial role during the First World War, supplying ration biscuits to troops on the front line. As well as being a staple of the army's diet, some of the biscuits were creatively re-fashioned by soldiers in the trenches and sent home to friends and family. These biscuits have formed the inspiration for an audio-visual, object-centred installation that is currently being displayed as part of Reading Museum's 'Reading at War' Exhibition.


Produced by members of the Department of Film, Theatre & Television at the University of Reading, this installation, entitled 'Ration Biscuits and Shell Cases', explores the relationship between food, creativity and conflict. The project is funded by the Arts Council.


Animating the Evacuee Archive

Sonya Chenery is an artist and performance practitioner. She is working on a PhD funded by the Collections-Based Research Programme at the University of Reading. Sonya's project involves engaging with, intervening in and animating aspects of MERL's extensive WWII Evacuee Archive within a range of publicly accessible spaces.


Surviving Objects

Surviving Objects began as a multi-media, practice-led research project and was created in 2013 by Teresa Murjas. The performance was based on extensive interviews with her elderly mother, who was a child refugee during WWII. The project explored how personal possessions can trigger a process of recollection, the urge to forget and the desire to narrate.

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