Past research events and projects

As a Department, we have been involved in numerous projects and events. Here you can read a synopsis of our most recent engagements, listed by type:

Recent research projects include:

Acting with Facts (2007-2010)
Beckett and the Phenomenology of Doodles (2006-2009)
British TV Drama and Acquired US Programmes (1970-2000)
Cultures of British Television Drama, 1960-82 (2002-2006)
The BBC Wednesday Play and Post-War British Drama (1996-2000)

Recent conferences include:

Spaces of Television: Production, Site and Style (September 2013)
Turning the Page: Creating New Writing (September 2013)
Standing Conference of University Drama Departments (SCUDD) (March 2012)
Contesting British Chinese Culture (September 2011)
Acting with Facts: Performing the Real on Stage and Screen, 1990-2010 (September 2010)
Continuity and Innovation: Contemporary Film Form and Film Criticism (September 2008)
Television Without Borders: Transfers, Translations and Transnational Exchange (June 2008)
The Point of Feminism (September 2008)
Tranversalities: crossing disciplines, cultures and identities (September 2005)
Cultures of British Television Drama - The Conference (September 2005)
Political Futures: Alternative Theatre in Britain Today (April 2004)
Style & Meaning: Textual Analysis - Interpretation - Mise-en-scene (March 2000)
Gender/Theatre/Cinema: A cross-cultural and interdisciplinary conference in Film and Theatre Studies (April 1999)
On the Boundary: Turning Points in TV Drama 1965-2000 (April 1998)
Ben Jonson and the Theatre (January 1996)

Recent symposia include:

Regional Spaces, National Stages: Performance Beyond London 1945-2010 (September 2010)
Acting With Facts Symposium (May 2009)
Acting Out: A Symposium on Screen Performance, Inference and Interpretation (March 2009)
British TV Drama and US Imports: the Transnational Viewing Experience (September 2007)
British Television Drama and US Imports: Aesthetics, Institutions, Histories (March 2006)
Producing Popular Television Drama, 1960-82 (October 2004)
Breaking Boundaries in Television Historiography: Historical Research and the Television Archive (January 2004)
Reconsidering the Canon: Popular British Television Drama in the 1960s and 70s (September 2003)

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