The Point of Feminism (September 2008)


pointoffeminismIs there still a point to feminism? Surely women have achieved equality? As the case of the Financial Times indicates which, on average, pays its female workforce 11 percent less than its male journalists, there is still a very strong point to be made for studying and practicing in the media by using feminist approaches. This conference, which took place on 12 September 2008 in the Department of Film, Theatre and Television, aimed to give young researchers - postgraduates and early career researchers - the chance to address issues relating to media and cultural studies and feminism. The day was chaired by established feminists including Prof. Maureen McNeill, Prof. Sue Thornham and Prof. Christine Geraghty and was organised by three early career researchers, namely Dr. Helen Thornham, Dr. Heather Sunderland and Dr. Elke Weissmann. For further information about papers given and conference outcomes contact Dr Heather Sutherland.



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