The Morality of Mrs. Dulska: A Play by Gabriela Zapolska (2007)

Morality of Mrs DulskaEdited and translated by Teresa Murjas

'A substantial and highly informative introduction to [Murjas's] translation of this 1906 play. [...] I [...] advise curious readers of Studies in Theatre and Performance to get hold of this handsomely produced translation of [Zapolska's] best-known play.' - Peter Thomson, Studies in Theatre and Performance

'In her introduction to Zapolska's seminal play, Murjas discusses the many intriguing challenges involved in its cultural transference, combining the perspective of translator with that of theatre practitioner. This book is a rare treat in a much neglected area of modern scholarship.' - Dr Elwira Grossman, University of Glasgow

"The Morality of Mrs Dulska is probably Zapolska's best known work, [… an] uncompromising look at gender construction and class oppression in fin-de-siècle Poland [that] is witty, entertaining and incisive […] In her illustrated introduction, Murjas discusses how the translation and first UK production, which she directed, were developed."[from book cover]


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