Invisible Country: Four Polish Plays (2013)

Invisible CountryEdited and Translated by Teresa Murjas

'This collection [Invisible Country] marks a unique effort to characterize the fragile identity of Poland through theater. . . . Accompanied by photographs of each play in performance, Teresa Murjas's interpretations affirm the essential role of the translator in modern theater.'

(World Literature Today 2013-07-19)

"Invisible Country is a rare collection of newly translated naturalistic plays by four prominent early twentieth-century Polish writers. It contains Snow by Stanisław Przybyszewski; In a Small House by Tadeusz Rittner; Ashanti by Włodzimierz Perzyński; and All the Same by Leopold Staff. In addition to investigating the plays' shared formal characteristics, this collection also foregrounds key themes of suicide, revolution and domesticity. These themes are vitally important to this group of writers, who worked at a time when Poland did not exist on the map of Europe. In drawing together these texts, Murjas aims to provide insight into a critically under-explored area of early twentieth-century European theatre history. In her introduction to the collection, Murjas reflects on her work as a translator engaged in theatre practice, as well as investigating the contexts in which these plays were produced." (from book cover)


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