Standing Conference of University Drama Departments (March 2012)

The SCUDD 2012 Conference:

Transitions: from education, across cultures and into employment

30th- 31st March 2012

Welcome and opening presentation by the playwright Timberlake Wertenbaker.


Internationalisation - Discussion of the current demand for universities to develop a stronger international dimension and to engage more broadly with the global demands for higher education, both in terms of attracting students to British Universities and opening up opportunities for British Students to study abroad in more diverse ways.

Transition into HE - As universities are encouraged to cast their net more widely in their recruitment of students whose demands and priorities will be shaped by the new economic climate, so HE institutions will have to adapt to meet the concerns of students, many of whom may be the first family member to go to university, and parents, anxious about the financial impact of higher fees. The moment of transition from school to Higher Education will be critical in introducing new students to ways of successfully managing the demands made by the new learning environment.

Employability - A panel of speakers from different areas of arts administration debate the diverse range of opportunities available for students completing theatre and performance based degrees, and discuss the skills and qualities required by young people wanting to work in the arts industries today.

REF - An opportunity for discussion of developments with regard to the REF, with a group from the Dance Drama and Performing Arts Panel.

Closing talk by Terry O'Connor from Forced Entertainment.

SCUDD AGM - Saturday 31st March at 2.15pm.

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