Staff Profile:Dr Patricia McTighe


Trish is currently a post-doctoral research assistant on the Staging Beckett Project

Areas of Interest:
As a researcher on the Staging Beckett project, I am currently working on the place of Beckett's drama in Irish theatre and culture, examining the relationship between culture and economics in twentieth century Ireland, the development of experimental theatrical forms in Ireland since the 1950s and the various ways in which Beckett's drama has been adapted to an Irish context, both politically and aesthetically. My research interests also include haptics in culture, gender in performance, live art, and theorising corporeality in art and performance.
Research groups / Centres:

(2013) Acts of Touch: The Haptic Aesthetic in Samuel Beckett's Later Drama for Stage and Screen. New York, Palgrave.

(2013) 'Getting known': Beckett, Ireland and the Creative Industries.' In: Walsh, F. (ed.) That was us: Contemporary Irish Theatre and Performance. Oberon, London, pp. 157-172.

(2013) 'Acts of Estrangement: Reading the Psoriatic-skin.' Nyx, A Noctournal , 8. pp. 6-15.

(2012) 'Noli me Tangere: Haptic Certitude in Beckett's Eh Joe and Nacht und Träume,' Modern Drama 55.3, pp. 216-229.

(2010) 'Haptic Interfaces: The Live and Recorded Body in Beckett's Eh Joe on Stage and Screen', Samuel Beckett Today/Audjourd'hui 22, pp. 463-475.

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