Food Law News - UK - 1999

24 November 1999: ADDITIVES - Draft Colours in Food (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2000

JFSSG Letter, 24 November 1999

Draft Colours in Food (Amendment) (England) Regulations 2000

At the May 1999 meeting of the European Commission's Standing Committee for Foodstuffs, Member States agreed a Commission proposal to amend the current purity criteria for the food colour E 160a(i) mixed carotenes set out m Directive 95/45/EC. The amending Directive 99/75/EC came into force in August 1999 and Member States are required to implement it into national law before 1 July 2000.

The letter encloses for comment a copy of draft Regulations - the draft Colours in Food (Amendment)(England) Regulations 2000 - that will implement the provisions of this Directive in England.

The DHSS Northern Ireland, the National Assembly for Wales Agriculture Department and the Scottish Executive Rural Affairs Department will be carrying out their own consultation exercises on their own parallel implementing legislation.

A proposal to make a Transfer of Functions Order, which would have removed all residual functions from the territorial Secretaries of State as regards England, has been delayed. Consequently, in making legislation under the Food Safety Act 1990 relating solely to England (as is the case here), the function of making that legislation remains vested in MAFF Ministers, the Secretarv of State for Health and the Secretarv of State for Wales acting jointly. Therefore the consent of the Secretarv of State for Wales's Department has been sought and obtained prior to the issue of this letter on behalf of that Department.

As this is a very minor amendment which the JSFFG intends to bring into force as soon as possible, they are proposing a shorter consultation period than would usually be the case.

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