Food Law News - UK - 1999

6 August 1999: ADMINSTRATION - Licensing of Butchers' Shops In England

DoH Letter, 6 August 1999

Licensing of Butchers' Shops In England

The Government has issued proposals proposals for an annual licensing scheme for retail butchers' shops in England. These were formally notified to the European Commission on 5 August 1999. Subject to the outcome of the EU notification procedure, it is anticipated that Regulations can be presented to Parliament before the end of this year, with a view to licensing coming into full effect by Summer 2000.

The draft Regulations reflect the outcome of the GB consultation carried out in the first half of last year, which indicated broad support for the government's proposals to require the annual licensing of butchers' shops. The proposals implement a key recommendation contained in the Pennington Group Report. The consultation exercise has resulted in some revisions to the original proposals, which are contained in the draft Regulations notified to the Commission.

The draft Regulations provide for:

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