Food Law News - UK - 1999

23 June 1999: GM FOODS - Statement by Jeff Rooker on Glyphosate

MAFF Press Release (212/99), 23 June 1999

Statement by Jeff Rooker on Glyphosate

Yesterday's BBC TV News reported that Sainsbury's were concerned about the level of the weed killer glyphosate in genetically modified soya and were now having to monitor levels in imported soya to reassure customers.

Rules to implement an EU decision to increase the Maximum Residue Level (MRL) for glyphosate from 0.1 mg/kg to 20 mg/kg came into force on 30 April 1997. All member states agreed that the residues pose no identifiable risk to consumers. The rules apply equally to GM and non-GM soya.

The Working Party on Pesticide Residues are monitoring glyphosate residues in GM and non-GM soya products throughout 1999. The results will be published in their annual survey of pesticide residues next year.

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