Food Law News - UK - 1999

11 May 1999: MEAT - Consultation on Meat Charges Impact Study

MAFF News Release (165/99), 11 May 1999

Consultation on Meat Charges Impact Study

A consultation document on the meat charges impact study has been issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

The Government is seeking views from meat industry organisations and other representative bodies by the 17 May 1999 on the study originally announced by the Minister of Agriculture, Nick Brown on 21 April 1999.

Food Safety Minister, Jeff Rooker, said:
"Consulting the meat industry is a major element of this study. We already have general information on possible impact of these charges on abattoirs and producers, but we need more specific detail of the likely economic impact on businesses. I hope therefore that there will be an early response from those being consulted so that we can make quick progress with the study."

Contributions from any other organisations or individuals with an interest are welcome. A copy of the consultation letter is available on the MAFF Internet site at

The study of the impact of all proposed charges on abattoirs and producers was announced by the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food during a debate on the British Livestock Industry in the House of Commons on 21 April 1999. The study will "Undertake a close examination of the dynamics of the slaughtering sector, of the impact of all proposed charges on abattoirs and on producers, as well as looking at the EC legislation and the way in which inspections are to be carried out, to ensure that, when charges are set, the costs are as low as possible, consistent with maintaining public safety and honouring our obligations under EU law".

The study is to be completed as quickly as possible and will be carried out by MAFF officials, working closely with the other Agriculture Departments, the Treasury and Cabinet Office, who, in line with normal practice, will be co-ordinating the work.

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