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30 November 1998: HYGIENE - Improving Meat Hygiene: A Review of Progress

MAFF Press Release (467/98 ), 30 November 1998

Improving Meat Hygiene: A Review of Progress

A report which details the action taken by Government and the meat industry to drive up hygiene standards in British abattoirs was published today. The report reviews the progress made between June and October 1998 in implementing the recommendations of the Government/Industry Working Group on Meat Hygiene. These were published in September 1997 in the Forward Programmes for the Red Meat and Poultry Industries.

Agriculture Minister Nick Brown said:
"I welcome the efforts that have been made by all those associated with implementing the Working Group's recommendations. The second Review of Progress demonstrates that those involved in all areas of meat production are working well with the Government to achieve real results in driving up standards in slaughterhouses. I have asked my officials to continue to work with the industry on the recommendations and have asked to see a further progress report in April next year. Much still remains to be done and there is no room for complacency where public health is concerned. Hygiene standards in our abattoirs must continue to improve if we are to increase consumer confidence in British meat."

The main areas of progress are:

The Government/Industry Working Group on Meat Hygiene was set up in March 1997 to co-ordinate the drive towards consistently high standards of hygiene in abattoirs. The Group is comprised of representatives from the meat industry, officials from the UK Agriculture Departments, the Department of Health, Department for Education and Employment, meat industry bodies and others. A full list is printed in the Review document.

The Working Group's Forward Programmes, published in September 1997, made a number of recommendations aimed at ensuring consistently high standards in abattoirs and poultry plants. The main ones were:

The first Review of Progress (detailing the action taken on the Working Group's recomendations between September 1997 and May 1998) was published in July 1998. The Government/Industry Working Group's Forward Programmes for the Poultry Industry (PB 3247) and the Red Meat Industry (PB 3248), and the Clean Livestock Policy (PB 3250) are available from MAFF Publications, Admail 6000, London SW1A 2XX (Tel: 0645 556000).

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