Food Law News - UK - 1998

November 1998: HYGIENE - Licensing of Retail Butchers’ Shops

Consumer Panel Paper (CP(98)35/3), November 1998

Licensing of Retail Butchers’ Shops

The following is an extract from a MAFF Consumer Panel paper prepared by the JFSSG of MAFF/DoH which provides an update on the plans for licensing.

Draft Regulations setting out proposals for the licensing of retail butchers’ shops were issued for a three month public consultation on 23 February this year [see 23 February 1998]. Provisions set out in the draft Regulations included:

Across the UK, 240 organisations responded to the consultation, 176 from England alone. These replies have been considered in conjunction with the findings of the Fatal Accident Inquiry Determination into the Lanarkshire deaths, which was published in August. The next step in progressing the licensing proposals, following Ministerial agreement, is to notify the proposed Regulations to the European Commission for examination as required by EC law, a process which normally takes three months. Subject to the outcome of this process, we aim to have the Regulations on the statute book early next year with the licensing regime coming into effect by late summer/early autumn 1999 after a lead-in period, as envisaged in the consultation proposals.

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