Food Law News - UK - 1998

September 1998: HYGIENE - Draft Poultrymeat (Marketing Standards) Regulations 1998

MAFF Letter, September 1998

Draft Poultrymeat (Marketing Standards) Regulations 1998

The proposed regulations will provide for the enforcement regime for the EC Poultrymeat Marketing Regulations (Council Regulation 1906/90 and Commission Regulation 1538/91, as amended). In particular, the draft regulations include aspects relating to: charging arrangements for the Meat Hygiene Service to recover costs of grading and water content checks in licensed slaughterhouses; the inspection of feedmills; an appeal system relating to the registration of producers and processors that use special marketing terms (e.g. free range); and the application of temperature controls on fresh poultrymeat at retail where cutting and/or storage takes place.

The original intention had been to have the regulations in force from 1 November 1998. In is now intended to have them applied from 1 February 1999.

With the letter, there is also circulated a draft ‘Guide to EC Poultrymeat Marketing Standards’.

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