Food Law News - UK - 1998

30 April 1998: EGGS - Proposed Eggs (Marketing Standards)(Amendment) Regulations 1998

MAFF Letter, 30 April 1998

Proposed Eggs (Marketing Standards)(Amendment) Regulations 1998

The letter includes a copy of the draft Eggs (Marketing Standards)(Amendment) Regulations 1998.

The amendment regulations, which are expected to be laid before Parliament in July, apply to Great Britain only and amend the Eggs (Marketing Standards) Regulations 1995.

The proposed amendment regulations will provide national authorities with enforcement powers for Commission Regulation, No 505/98 [See OJ L63, 4.3.98]. That Regulation amends Commission Regulation 1274/91.

Details of the changes introduced by the amending Commission Regulation have been given elsewhere on the EU pages 16 December 1997.

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