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29 April 1998: BEEF - Export Rules Tightened For Non-UK Beef

MAFF News Release (168/98), 29 April 1998

Export Rules Tightened For Non-UK Beef

New UK regulations are to ensure Britain meets European requirements for tighter controls on permitted exports of products made from imported non-UK beef, while allowing a resumption of beef exports from approved herds in Northern Ireland.

The Bovines and Bovine Products (Trade) Regulations 1998, placed before Parliament today, will tighten controls on the export from the UK of beef and beef products made with imported beef. The regulations come into force on 1 May 1998.

Food Safety Minister Jeff Rooker said:
"The European decision to lift the ban on exports of beef from Certified Northern Irish herds was a significant step for the UK. These new regulations will reassure our European partners that we are taking strict action to ensure that only approved beef and beef products will be allowed for export. In the meantime, the UK is pressing hard to put in place a Date Based Export Scheme that would allow the export of beef from all UK animals born after 1 August 1996."

The Government's action today follows European Council Decision 98/256/EC on 16 March 1998, allowing a resumption of exports of Northern Irish beef from Export Certified Herds. The EC decision:

Currently, tallow and certain other beef by-products derived from UK bovines can only be exported for technical use. However, export for other uses will be allowed from a date to be set by the European Commission's Standing Veterinary Committee following the satisfactory inspection of UK controls.

Establishments approved to handle and process non-UK sourced beef will need to re-apply for approval under the new regulations. All establishments on separate sites must apply for approval, even if linked in a production chain. Approved establishments must have:

The following additional notes are provided:

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