Food Law News - UK - 1997

10 November 1997: LABELLING - Food Labels: The Government's Position

MAFF Press Release (344/97), 10 November 1997

Food Labels: The Government's Position

Food manufacturers who deliberately mis-label their products will be prosecuted.

This stark warning was given by Food Safety Minister Jeff Rooker today. All labels on food must meet strict UK rules and regulations. The Government wants better, clearer labels that give consumers as much information as possible. Labels must always describe products honestly .

Mr Rooker said:
"This Government gives consumers top priority. Clear, accurate labelling on food is vital to give the public an informed choice. The food industry has a responsibility to give its customers good quality, safe food, and tell them exactly what ingredients are used. If we want to restore consumer confidence, the food industry must be seen as truthful, honest, and scrupulously fair in the way they describe and label their products."

Since May the Government has announced a number of changes to improve British labelling laws:

Jeff Rooker said: "This is just the start. We will be looking at all areas, leaving no stone unturned, in order to give consumers a better deal."

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