Food Law News - UK - 1997

17 July 1997: CONTAMINANTS - Contaminants in Food Regulations 1997

Scottish Office Letter, 17 July 1997

Contaminants in Food Regulations 1997

The Contaminants in Food Regulations 1997 (SI No 1997/1499) came into force on 4th July 1997. The Regulations which apply to Great Britain, provide for the enforcement and execution of European Commission Regulations (EC) No 194/97 which sets maximum levels for nitrate in lettuce and spinach. [For details of consultation letter, see
13 March 1997]

An optional derogation contained in the EC Regulation, which exempts crops intended for the domestic market, will be applied in the UK for a transitional period. However, growers will have to follow codes of Good Agricultural Practice and ensure that levels of nitrate in their produce do not pose a risk to consumers’ health.

The European Commission intends, in the future, to add other foods and contaminants to the scope of these measures [see information on EC pages re mycotoxins, most recent dated 11 July 1997]].

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