Food Law News - UK - 1997

26 March 1997: NOVEL FOODS - Proposed Novel Foods and Novel Food Ingredients Regulations

Scottish Office Letter, 26 March 1997

Proposed Novel Foods and Novel Food Ingredients Regulations

Following the formal adoption of the EC Regulation on novel foods and novel food ingredients on the 27 January 1997, draft UK Regulations have now been issued for consultation. Since the EC measure is directly applicable (i.e. it will enter into force in the UK automatically on the 15 May), the proposed UK Regulations are short and:

There is also another proposed Regulation which provides for the charging of a fee for the assessment as follows:

Included with the consultation letter are the Scientific Committee for Foods Opinions on the assessment of novel foods and indicates:

The Commission has asked Member States to submit any comments on these Guidelines by the middle of April, comments are therefore requested by the 7 April.

It is indicated that there will be a consultation on guidance notes to the Regulations which are currently being prepared.

For EU News item on this topic see EU News dated 16 January 1997.

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