Food Law News - UK - 1997

13 March 1997: CONTAMINANTS - Draft Contaminants in Food Regulations 1997

Scottish Office Letter, 13 March 1997

Draft Contaminants in Food Regulations 1997

Following the adoption by the EC of a Regulation establishing maximum levels of nitrates in lettuce and spinach (No 194/97, OJ L31, 1.2.97, p.48), draft UK regulations have been circulated for consultation. Since the EC controls take the form of a Regulation, they are actually directly applicable into UK law. The draft UK implementing regulations therefore contain only the necessary enforcement provisions. The UK intends to make use of a transitional period for the marketing of lettuces and spinach grown and intended for domestic consumption with higher nitrate levels than those specified in the EC Regulation provided that growers follow Good Agricultural Practice and that consumption of these vegetables does not pose a risk to consumer's health.

For information on the EU Regulation, see EU News dated 15 January 1997.

The Scottish Office letter asks for comments by 14 April 1997.

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