Food Law News - UK - 1996

3 May 1996: EGGS - Proposed Eggs (Marketing Standards)(Amendment) Regulations 1996

3 May 1996 - MAFF Letter

Proposed Eggs (Marketing Standards)(Amendment) Regulations 1996

These proposals will implement the Eggs (Marketing Standards) Regulations 1995. They will provide national authorities with enforcement powers foe the latest amendment to the Commission Regulation, No 2401/95. this allows the use of the term "eggs from caged hens" as a labelling option on egg packs or the term "cage production" to be stamped on eggs, subject to the criteria laid down in the EC Regulation.

In addition, the Regulations will be amended to incorporate a definition of the term "sale" to clarity an issue with regard to the original Regulations and to supplement existing references to certain Articles contained in the Commission rules on egg marketing which require the use of the official mark.

It is intended to introduce the amending Regulations in July 1996. The Regulations are enforced by the MAFF Egg Marketing Inspectorate.

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