Food Law News - UK - 1996

14 March 1996: FOOD HYGIENE - DH Guidance Documents: re “Food Handlers: Fitness to Work”

14 March 1996 - DH letter


In August 1995, the Department of Health publish a Document Entitled 'Food Handlers - Fitness to Work'. It was directed at food businesses, enfrocement officers and health professionals. It provided detailed information upon which to base decisions on how to assess the employment of people who may have suffered illness which could be tranmitted to other people via food which they are handling. It is available for £2.50 from the Department of Helath, PO Box 410, Wetherby, LS23 7LN, UK.

The Deprtment has now published simplified guidance for both food business managers and for food handlers. The first contains relevant sections of the full document. The second is a four page leaflet giving key responsibities for food handlers relating to when to wash hands and when you should “tell your boss”. Both these documents are available free from the Department of Health at the address in the first paragraph.

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