Food Law News - UK - 1996

14 August 1996: MEAT HYGIENE - Proposed Meat Products (Hygiene)(Amendment) Regulations 1996

14 August 1996

Proposed Meat Products (Hygiene)(Amendment) Regulations 1996

The Ministry is proposing to issue Regulations which would amend the Meat Products (Hygiene) Regulations 1994. Many of the proposed amendments result from the adoption of Directive 95/68 agreed in December 1995 and which amended Directive 77/99.

The Ministry letter indicates that there are 4 main aspects to the proposed changes:

  1. Some deregulatory measures (e.g. a provision to allow the disinfection of transport vehicles at a site away from the meat products premises, and a derogation from requiring offices to be provided in plants where the enforcement officer is not required to be permanently present).
  2. Measures which have already been introduced on an administrative basis by guidance etc. (e.g. allowing unwrapped/packaged products which are sold in bulk to bear the health mark on the bulk container and the accompanying documentation).
  3. Other measures (e.g. acceptance that in areas where dry mixing of products is performed cleaning and disinfection processes need not make use of water,)
  4. Corrections (e.g. correction of a typographical error and the removal of references to the Meat Products and Spreadable Fish Products Regulations 1984).

The consultation period ends on the 25 September with Regulations expected later in the year.

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