Food Law News - UK - 2007

FSA Press Release (2007/0698), 13 July 2007

MEAT HYGIENE - FSA Board to consider report on review of Official Controls in Approved Slaughterhouses

For a copy of the Board Paper, including the full review report, see: Review - Official Controls - Slaughterhouses

The Food Standards Agency has today published a paper on the Review of the Delivery of Official Controls in Approved Meat Premises. The paper outlines options for change in meat hygiene regulation, inspection and enforcement. The proposals will be considered by the FSA Board when it meets in Cardiff on 19 July.

The process leading to the decisions to be taken next week began in October 2006, when the Board agreed to a suggestion from the Meat Hygiene Service (MHS) Board to review the delivery of Official Controls and to consider a range of options for the future, including the current system and alternatives to it. Four meat industry associations wrote to the FSA's Chief Executive in April 2006 to request a review.

One of the suggestions in the review is that meat hygiene regulation should be aligned more closely with the regulation of the rest of the food chain. This would involve Food Business Operators (FBOs) assuming more responsibility for compliance with the relevant regulations and the FSA checking that they comply through more risk-based audits. Changes in European Union regulations would be required to bring this about.

Another suggestion is to introduce an element of contestability into service delivery by allowing different organisations to work alongside the MHS to deliver meat inspection.

The Board is being asked to take decisions on the following seven proposals:

The Food Standards Agency Open Board Meeting starts at 9am on Thursday 19 July. It will be held at The Holland House Hotel, 24/26 Newport Street , Cardiff CF24 0DD . It is open to the public and can also be viewed online.

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