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FSA Consultation Letter, 30 March 2007

PARNUTS - Draft Food For Particular Nutritional Uses (Miscellaneous Amendments) (England) Regulations 2007

The Agency seeks views and comments on the draft Food for Particular Nutritional Uses (Miscellaneous Amendments) England) Regulations 2007 which provide for the execution and enforcement of Commission Regulation 1609/2006 and implement Commission Directive 2006/82/EC and Commission Directive 2006/125/EC in England . Responses are requested by: 21 June 2007

Consultation details

The key proposals are:


Regulation 2: This proposed regulation will provide for the execution and enforcement of, in England, Commission Regulation 1609/2006 of 27 October 2006, to allow partially hydrolysed infant formula based on hydrolysates of whey protein from cows' milk to be placed on the UK market, provided that the protein content is between 1.86g/100kcal and 3g/100kcal and the protein is sourced and processed as provided in the Annex of Commission Regulation 1609/2006. This regulation will amend the Infant Formula and Follow-on Formula Regulations 1995 SI 77 accordingly. A RIA is attached at Annex E.

Regulation 3: This regulation amends the Medical Food ( England ) Regulations 2000 to update the definition of the Directive to reflect the accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the European Union in 2007.

Regulation 4: This regulation updates the definition of 'the Directive' in the Processed Cereal-based foods and Baby Foods for Infants and Young Children ( England ) Regulations 2003 so that it refers to Directive 2006/125/EC instead of Directive 96/5/EC as amended. The new European Directive brings together Directive 96/5/EC and its amending directives (1998/36/EC, 1999/39/EC and 2003/13/EC).

A copy of the consultation document can be seen on this site: Draft PARNUTS consultation

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