Food Law News - UK - 2006

FSA News Item, 21 April 2006

MEAT - Update on incident involving distribution of cooked kebab meat from an unapproved plant

Food Alert: for Action

Food Alert for Action 21/2006 was issued on 13 April 2006 outlining preliminary action required to be taken in relation to the above incident.

Following further investigation of records obtained from Munchies Catering Supplies, the Agency is now in a position to update the original distribution list. The updated list can be found as an annex to this food alert. Please note this annex is only accessible via EHCnet and TSInterlink.

Action to be taken by local authorities

Local authorities with named premises in their districts are requested to contact the companies and establish if any of the consignments listed are still at the premises.

If any of the meat is reported to be on the premises, officers should seize the meat for destruction under section 9 of the Food Safety Act on the basis that it does not comply with food safety requirements, as it was produced in the premises for which the Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice was served.

Any meat that has already been detained as requested by Food Alert for Action 21/2006 should now also be seized and taken before the court for condemnation, unless a voluntary surrender is forthcoming.

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