Food Law News - UK - 2006

FSA News Item, 13 April 2006

MEAT - Emerging incident involving distribution of cooked kebab meat from an unapproved plant

Food Alert: for Action

Enforcement officers from Gateshead Council entered the premises of Munchies Catering Supplies, Gateshead under warrant on 10 April 2006 . The area in use was adjacent to approved premises but was unapproved for production of cooked meat. A number of food hygiene offences were discovered and a Hygiene Emergency Prohibition Notice (HEPN) was served.

Munchies Catering Supplies distributes cooked kebab meat to both wholesale and retail companies in three pack sizes and under a variety of brand names. All products bear an identification mark of the premises. The distribution list is available as Annex A through EHCnet [not available on this site], and contains an initial list of wholesale premises that have received products from Munchies Catering Supplies only. Further information will follow as soon as it is received. To assist local authorities in correct identification of these products, the FSA have provided pictures on their website.

Action need only be taken by those authorities with premises listed in the Annex.


Identification Mark

Brand Names (including)


Action to be taken by local authorities

Local authorities with named premises in their districts are requested to contact the companies and establish if any of the consignments listed are still at the premises. If any of the meat is reported to be on the premises, officers should detain the meat using the powers available, if necessary using the Food Safety Act 1990 powers of detention, pending further information being provided by the Agency. If the company has distributed the listed consignment(s), officers should obtain full details of where the meat has been distributed to, and inform the Agency accordingly.

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