Food Law News - UK - 2006

FSA Consultation Letter, 11 April 2006

MEAT HYGIENE - Proposed changes to veterinary supervision arrangements within the Meat Hygiene Service

These proposals enhance veterinary supervision arrangements within the MHS, and follow publication of an MHS paper setting out possible options. Responses are requested by: 7 July 2006

Note: The following documents are available on this site:

Consultation details

Development of these proposals has been informed by recommendations in the Wall Report and the subsequent two reports commissioned by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) / MHS from DNV Consulting (with the second of these also published today) and the Independent Advisory Group's (IAG) requirements relating to the Over Thirty Month (OTM) rule change.

The MHS Management Board has identified a number of options for improving veterinary supervision arrangements within the MHS and has indicated a preferred option. These options are set out in the attached MHS paper which has been approved by the MHS Board for consultation. The preferred option principally involves in the short-term:

A further review of arrangements would be carried out by the end of 2007, looking to requirements for the longer term, with the intention that the MHS should eventually move to a largely (40 - 50%) employed Official Veterinarian workforce.

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