Food Law News - UK - 2006

FSA News Item, 10 March 2006

ENFORCEMENT - Food Law Code of Practice and Practice Guidance for England

The Food Law Code of Practice and associated Practice Guidance for England is available.

The Code of Practice sets out instructions and criteria to which the local and port health authorities (food authorities) should have regard to when engaged in the enforcement of food law. Food authorities must follow and implement the provisions of the code that apply to them.

It was necessary to revise and update the Food Safety Act 1990 Code of Practice and associated Practice Guidance relating to England issued in October 2004 to take account of EU Food Hygiene and Official Feed and Food Controls Regulations and the national implementing regulations relating to England , all of which were applicable from 1 January 2006 .

The Food Standards Agency held a public consultation exercise on revised drafts of the documents in 2005. Following consideration of the consultation responses the Agency issued, on 4 November 2005 , further drafts for use by authorised officers as guidance until the documents had been finalised. This was necessary because, at the time, there were on-going matters in relation to the legislative changes at both European and national level which meant that further revisions to the documents would be required.


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