Food Law News - UK - 2005

FSA News Item, 22 September 2005

FOOD POISONING - Update on the E. coli outbreak investigation

The Food Standards Agency said today that it has widened the investigation into the outbreak of E. coli food poisoning illness in Wales.

FSA Wales is advising any food businesses that have received cooked meat from John Tudor and Son, which has been linked to the outbreak, to withdraw it from sale immediately and to contact their local authority.

Cooked meat from John Tudor and Son is already known to have been supplied to a number of schools and other council-run institutions in South Wales.

The Agency has now asked all local authorities in Wales to contact any small to medium-sized caterers, local shops, delicatessens and pubs, to make sure they have not bought any cooked meat from Bridgend supplier John Tudor.

The Agency is taking this step to make sure that other possible customers which may have been supplied by John Tudor are identified, because the investigation to date has been unable to establish the company's full customer list.

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