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FSA Information, 18 August 2005

OFFICIAL CONTROL - Third update on applying EU feed and food controls regulation

A summary of the progress since June 2005 on the measures being taken to apply EU Regulation 882/2004 on official controls in the UK has been published by the Agency.


The second update highlighted that the European Commission had proposed some implementing rules under EU Regulation 882/2004 relating to publication of lists of approved establishments and a transitional period for accreditation of laboratories undertaking certain meat analyses. It also mentioned that proposals on other implementing rules were awaited. This note summarises recent progress on these issues.


EU Regulation 882/2004 was published in the Official Journal in May 2004 and is now in force. The provisions of the Regulation apply from 1 January 2006 with the exception of those on financing of official controls which apply from 1 January 2007. The text of the EU regulation may be downloaded from the European Commission website [or from this site at: Official Control Regulation - 882/2004].

Details of the provisions of the Regulation and information on its application in the UK can be found below in the previous updates.

Implementing rules on publication of lists of approved establishments and accreditation of laboratories

The proposed Commission Regulation that includes these measures was discussed at a meeting of the EU Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health (SCoFCAH) on 19/20 July 2005. A report of this meeting, and a copy of the latest revision of the proposed Regulation (SANCO 55, rev.6), can be found below.

Following pressure from the UK, the text of Annex XIV has been revised and now covers all types of laboratory that have not previously been required at EU level to be accredited. The transition period of four years allowed for meeting the accreditation requirements of Regulation 882/2004 will, therefore, also apply to feed laboratories.

There will be further discussion and a possible vote on these measures at the SCoFCAH meeting on 20/21 September 2005.

Commission guidelines on audit of the competent authorities

Regulation 882/2004 requires that competent authorities be audited to ensure that they meet the requirements of the Regulation. It also includes a provision whereby the Commission may draw up guidelines on criteria for the conduct of such audits and which Member States must take into account. The Commission has now issued draft guidelines and the Agency is currently seeking stakeholders' views on these. A copy of the draft guidelines and details of the consultation can be found below.

Commission guidelines on preparation of the national control plan and annual reports

Draft guidelines on preparation of the national control plan and annual reports are expected from the Commission in the next few weeks and the Agency will consult stakeholders once received.

Implementing rules for third country imports of feed and food of non-animal origin

Proposals for the list of third country imports of ‘high risk’ feed and food of non-animal origin, which will be subject to more stringent controls, are still awaited but there is, as yet, no firm indication of the timing on this.

Commission guidance on import requirements

The Commission has recently issued a guidance document to address certain key questions with regard to import requirements and the new rules on food hygiene and official food controls. This is aimed primarily at the competent authorities and food business in the Member States and in third countries. A copy of the guidance may be downloaded from the Commission's website.

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