Food Law News - UK - 2005

FSA Consultation Letter, 8 June 2005

HYGIENE - Draft guidance on EU hygiene regulations relating to supply of wild game (outside approved premises) for human consumption

This consultation seeks views and comments on draft guidance for those supplying wild game and wild game meat for human consumption other than in approved premises. The draft guidance, which has been prepared by the Deer Initiative, is intended for all those who handle such wild game or wild game meat or enforce the relevant regulations. Responses are requested by: 31 August 2005.

Note: The following link provides a copy of the main consultation document: Wild Game Handling Guide (Draft guidance) PDF document 777KB

Consultation details

New Food Hygiene Regulations will apply in all Member States from 1 January 2006 . They replace 17 directives, including eight relating specifically to meat and the General Food Hygiene Directive. Government departments are required to explain new legislation to those who will be affected.

In addition, Article 7 of Regulation 852/2004 requires Member States to encourage the development of national guides to good practice for hygiene and for the application of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) principles.

The draft guidance sets out the legal obligations of those who handle wild game and wild game meat outside of approved premises, with the intent of supply for human consumption, as well as advice on how these obligations can be met.

The use of the guidance is voluntary and interpretation of legal requirements is for the courts to decide. Enforcement officers may refer to the guidance when auditing operators' compliance with food hygiene and the other legislation that it covers.

The FSA intends to review the guidance with the authors, in the light of responses received from consultees, and to issue it in October as a working draft to wild game organisations for distribution.

This will enable an assessment to be made of the practical use of the guidance for a few months before final publication in 2006. The guidance will be revised if there are major changes to policy, legislation or guidance from the European Commission, following consultation with stakeholders.

The FSA invite views on whether the draft guidance:

The FSA would also welcome specific comments on:



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