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FSA News item, 8 March 2007

CONTAMINANTS - Sudan I: Latest news, advice and recalls

The Food Standards Agency has been advised of a further 43 products that companies have withdrawn from the food chain as a result of Sudan I contamination, bringing the total to 580.

Today's updated list is a consolidation of the previous data, with some amendments and updates following new or corrected information supplied by food businesses and others. The Agency and a number of local authorities are also continuing investigation into the main companies involved in the chain of supply of Sudan I-affected products.

FSA advice

Sudan I is a dye that should not be added to food and is banned in the UK and across the EU because it can contribute to an increased risk of cancer. At the levels present the risk is likely to be very small but it is sensible to avoid eating any food known to be contaminated. There is no risk of immediate ill health.

The Agency is working with the industry and local authorities to ensure that any remaining affected foods are removed from sale. If you have any of these foods at home you are advised not to eat them and to contact the store you bought them from for a refund.


This dye was in a batch of chilli powder used by Premier Foods to manufacture a Worcester sauce, which was then used as an ingredient in a wide range of products.

Since July 2003 all chilli powder imported into the UK has to be certified free of Sudan I. The FSA and local authorities randomly sample more than 1,000 consignments a year of imported chilli products. However, this batch predates this sampling programme and was uncovered after sampling of Worcester sauce produced by Premier Foods and exported to Italy

Product list

We've now consolidated the products affected into a single numbered list to include The new products published on 8 March 2005 . This should make it easier for you to print off and check. It replaces the original list and four updates issued since 18 February 2005

For the consolidated list, see Sudan List - 8 March

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